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This product works as a mediator for Students, Institutions and Colleges and Corporate. Applies for Jobs, Get Employment, Stay Engaged Oversee Placements, Get Students for Colleges.
Teaconnectz.com encourages preparing searchers to discover best preparing suppliers and instructional classes to upgrade aptitudes. Teaconnectz.com gives an easy to use stage to preparing suppliers to connect the preparation searchers. Teaconnectz.com has developing Network of more than 5,000 preparing suppliers from 49 urban areas in India with 700+ course classes. More than 1.2 Million individuals going by Teaconnectz.com to connect of classroom, on the web and e-picking up instructional classes and preparing suppliers.

Discovering extraordinary and confided in educators and willing student

For Learner, Teaconnectz.com is like a one-poimnt destination for learning new skill. be it a new language, cookery skills, they,re sure to find sone thin the fancy

For Class Providers and Instructors, perceivability on ClassBoat creates new enquiries. By changing over these leads into understudies, they have extra income coming their direction.

We at teaconnctz trust that effortlessness and availability empower better learning. In view of this thought, we have set up a virtual commercial center for class suppliers.