Hire Our Candidate

Our initiative with Hiring Our Candidate

VVRC is proud to sponsor Hiring Our candidate, a public/private partnership created to support and empower military veterans who are transitioning to careers in the private sector. VVRC sponsorship is founded on the belief that our veterans deserve our support, and that our military service members can be a vital contributor to our country’s workforce needs.

Curriculum developed by experts like to match the skills they're looking to hire.

Vetted skills through real-world projects that have been evaluated by real-life project reviewers.

Search your candidate database to rediscover high potential candidates. Resurface those that received high interview scores but weren’t hired, or received an offer but declined. These candidates and others in your database can be a great match for a new position.

What MWF of Social Project is providing

To support the program, VVRC is providing certification course scholarships for active-duty service members. In recognition of this contribution, VVRC is a Chairman’s Circle Sponsor along with several Fortune 500 companies and other corporate partners.